C&H Hydraulics has been in the aerospace manufacturing and assembly business since 1978.  We specialize in the manufacture and assembly of Aerospace and Mechanical components and are the leader in aerospace assembly. Our Assembly department specializes in Bearing Installation and Swaging, Bushing installation, Lee Llug installation, threaded fastener and insert installation, bearing staking and swaging, roller swaging, chisel and pin staking, ball staking, v-groove bearing staking, proof- load testing, rotational torque testing, nutplate installation and structural riveting, Cold Working of structural assemblies and components and structural aerospace assembly,

  • Bearing installation, bearing swaging, roller swaging, bearing staking, anvil staking, chisel staking, v-groove bearing staking, ball staking, proof-loading testing & rotational torque testing
  • Bushing installation, sizing, press-fit, shrink fit, and expansion fit.
  • Lee plug installation.
  • Helicoil inserts, Keensert, Slimsert, Rosan Fittings, Blind Nuts and threaded fastener installation.
  • Riveting (cherry max, cherry lock, blind rivets).
  • Mechanical and sub-assemblies (nutplates, huckbolts, lockbolts, eddie bolts, clinch nuts, Hi-Lok, Hi-Shear).
  • Lockwire / Safety wire assemblies.
  • Fatigue Technologies – Split Sleeve Cold work and Bushing Installation.
  • Electrical assembly (crimping, soldering, potting), harness assembly, wire & cable assembly.
  • Ground stud installation including electrical bond testing.
  • Cable swaging and pull testing.
  • Certified Clickbond installation and testing to CBPS206 and CBPS207 as well as LMA-PK004.
  • Structural and detail bonding

We stock a large selection of Aerospace Primers, Sealants, Loctite, Silicone and Adhesive sealing to all Aerospace Specifications.

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